Pivoting in your Career

I want to talk to a little bit about pivoting in your career. Whether it’s being an internal pivot as you are trying to look for a promotion or looking for a new department. You’re trying to figure out ways of where do I go from here. You are stuck, your bored, whatever it may be.  70% of Americans are actively looking for a new job opportunity.

Does that mean they want to change their company? Do they want to leave their job? No, but they are looking for opportunities. They are trying to figure out what can I do? How can I improve? What skills can I use as I go through and put things together?

Some of the reasons could be that you are not getting paid what you deserve.  You’re trying to find that new opportunity or maybe you not given the proper recognition.  You could be isolated or are you just looking for an opportunity to grow and expand and move up in your challenges. It’s important that you look through everything.

You’re thinking about your challenge as you look to Pivot.  You don’t want to be a job hopper. You do not want to be one of those people that just goes from one job to the next to the next and all you do is looking for money. You want to look in the inside and make sure the reason why you are shifting and why you want to pivot it.

It’s important to pivot, but not just pivot if you’re looking just to make more money, but if there’s something deep down you need to change or challenge yourself with.  Is there something in your current job that you’re not doing that you need.  It is important to understand and know why and make sure you have these skills in the next opportunity so that you don’t end up in the same situation.

It is one thing if you’re not happy because you’re not being utilized. It’s another thing to be unhappy because you keep switching from one place to the other so keep an eye out on why you are pivoting.  60% of the workers are dissatisfied at the office. That is understandable to want to pivot.  You have to see how do you want to grow and learn from this moment and bring forward so that you have the right career pivot as you go forward.