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Imagine a captivating piece of art hanging in a gallery – let’s say, a vibrant abstract painting. Each onlooker gazes upon the canvas, but their interpretation is shaped by their unique position and perspective in the room. The artwork is constant, but the viewer’s vantage point influences how they perceive its colors, shapes, and overall essence. Having a one-to-one, routine, scheduled meeting with your key people is one of the most important things that successful leaders can do. A one-to-one should be scheduled well in advance and don’t miss it.

It makes them feel unimportant. Secondly, there should be no distractions. Be focused on them and on their needs. Third, listen, 90% listening, 10% talking. Finally, make sure it’s a private setting where you can capture action items and help them achieve what they need to do for themselves and your organization. The most successful companies, the most successful CEOs and business leaders I know take the time and invest the time into their people to have one-to-ones every month.

They listen, they guide, they help take action. How are you doing? How are you investing in your people? Let’s talk about it.