Member Expectations

In my experience working with CEOs and emerging leaders, I’ve engaged in discussions with numerous professionals about leadership and growth. When it comes to considering the opportunity of joining an executive coaching group, three common obstacles emerge: individuals may feel unqualified, perceive a lack of time, or not fully grasp the potential and value of being part of a group.

Reflecting on my interactions, I’ve identified five key characteristics that define a great leader and, in my belief, make an individual an ideal candidate for Vistage. Firstly, great leaders are generous individuals who give to their company, give to their employees, give to their families, give to the community, and give to their friends.

Secondly, effective listening is a crucial trait that I have observed many individuals lack. I have learned to become an excellent listener through exercise and commitment. Any CEO or business leader needs to learn this trait. Impactful members become great listeners.

The third trait involves facing and overcoming obstacles in life and encouraging others to do the same. A willingness to navigate challenges is a quality that makes a great Vistage member.

Accountability, the fourth trait, is emphasized within my core beliefs. Members who value and embrace accountability, being open to being held accountable by others, thrive in my group’s collaborative environment.

Finally, gratitude is a quality of amazing members. They appreciate what they have achieved through hard work and acknowledge the support from those around them.

These traits are the qualities I prioritize when considering someone as a potential great member. Let’s talk about it.