Mark spends hundreds of hours each year in closed door, private conversations with CEOS, business owners and professionals.


As a CEO, business owner, or leader, it's challenging to identify individuals with whom you can engage in meaningful conversations.

Everyone in both our professional and personal spheres holds a unique perspective and vested interest in our lives, often driven by their own agendas, motivations, and intentions. The crucial question is: do you have someone who truly serves as an outsider? Someone unafraid to pose the difficult questions, challenge your thinking, stand up to you, and occasionally make you uncomfortable? Who is genuinely committed to your personal and business growth? In the words of Laura Whitworth, “Powerful questions knock people out of autopilot and make them fly the plane.” As an executive coach, my role involves helping individuals see beyond their current perceptions. I achieve this by asking the tough questions that others may shy away from. I am unafraid to delve deep and address the challenging issues. So, who do you turn to for these crucial conversations?


What My Clients Say