Book Recommendations


Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Fierce Conversations provides techniques and anecdotes on the power transparent dialogue must strengthen connections, drive progress, and elevate leadership. Author Susan Scott offers impactful exercises for self-reflection and skills for leaning into courageous conversations. Ideal for executives, this book role models how to foster engagement and unlock innovation through honest, compassionate communication across an organization. Leaders should add Fierce Conversations to their repertoire for its rare insights into foundational, relationship-building dialogues.  

The 6 Habits of Growth by Brendon Burchard

The 6 Habits of Growth” by Brendon Burchard is a transformative guide for CEOs, outlining six essential habits: Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence, and Courage. By mastering these habits, CEOs can drive growth in their businesses and personal lives. The book offers practical tools to boost motivation and make meaningful progress towards goals. Through anecdotes and actionable advice, Burchard demonstrates how these habits can lead to greater success and fulfillment in leadership roles.

Nine-Figure Mindset by Brandon Dawson

In his captivating book, Brandon Dawson reveals the transformative power within us all, showcasing how anyone can unlock their full potential. Drawing from his own remarkable journey, Dawson offers invaluable insights into achieving success and leadership through a fundamental shift in mindset. By demonstrating that greatness is within reach for those willing to embrace change and adopt a new perspective, he empowers readers to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. Through compelling anecdotes and practical advice, Dawson guides readers on a journey of self-discovery, showing them how to tap into their inherent abilities and unleash their true potential. With his inspiring message, Dawson encourages individuals to believe in themselves and embark on a path towards personal and professional fulfillment.

The Power of Peers by Leon Shapiro and Leo Bottary

The Power of Peers introduces the concept of ‘peer advantage,’ which goes beyond mere peer influence. CEOs and business leaders discover the transformative potential of being selective, strategic, and structured in their interactions with peers. Through compelling examples and practical strategies, Shapiro and Bottary illustrate how cultivating meaningful peer relationships can lead to enhanced decision-making, professional growth, and organizational success. By harnessing the collective wisdom and support of peers, leaders can unlock new opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve greater levels of effectiveness and fulfillment in their roles. With ‘The Power of Peers’ as their guide, leaders embark on a journey of collaboration and mutual empowerment, leveraging the strength of their peer networks to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek offers a compelling exploration of leadership dynamics, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the well-being of employees. Through illuminating anecdotes and insightful analysis, Sinek demonstrates how great leaders foster trust, collaboration, and ultimately, peak performance by creating a “circle of safety” within the workplace. By putting the needs of their team ahead of their own, these leaders cultivate a culture of success where individuals feel valued, supported, and motivated to excel. With practical wisdom and a deep understanding of human psychology, Sinek inspires readers to embrace a servant-leadership mindset, recognizing that they can achieve remarkable outcomes and leave a lasting legacy of positive impact by serving their team.

Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider

Energy Leadership delves into the crucial role energy plays in organizational success. Through insightful guidance, Schneider illuminates how individual energy management directly impacts the thriving of an organization. By fostering self-awareness and harnessing personal power, both within the workplace and beyond, readers gain the tools to navigate challenges, inspire others, and drive positive change. Schneider’s approach empowers leaders to recognize and leverage their energy dynamics, ultimately shaping a culture of vitality, resilience, and high performance. With Energy Leadership as a roadmap, individuals and organizations alike embark on a transformative journey towards greater effectiveness and fulfillment.

10x is Easier than 2x by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan

The 10x is easier than 2X and unveils a powerful approach to achieving exponential growth in personal and business endeavors. By embracing the 10x mindset, readers learn to clarify their vision and channel their efforts toward extraordinary outcomes. Hardy’s insights illuminate the path to exceptional results, guiding individuals to make bold decisions and take massive action. Through practical strategies and compelling anecdotes, the book empowers readers to elevate their performance, maximize their potential, and leave a lasting impact on both their lives and the lives of others. With “The 10x Rule” as a guide, readers embark on a transformative journey toward unparalleled success and fulfillment.

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Measure What Matters introduces the OKR system (Objectives and Key Results) as a powerful framework for driving organizational success. Through clear and actionable guidance, the book demonstrates how to define Objectives—concrete, action-oriented goals—and establish Key Results—specific, measurable steps that indicate progress towards those objectives. By implementing OKRs, teams and organizations gain a strategic focus, clarity of purpose, and alignment of efforts toward achieving desired outcomes. Through compelling examples and practical strategies, the book empowers leaders to effectively deploy OKRs to drive innovation, accountability, and continuous improvement across all levels of the organization. With “Measure What Matters” as a guide, readers embark on a journey towards enhanced performance, greater alignment, and sustainable growth.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership delves into the intricacies of effective leadership, dissecting 21 fundamental laws that underpin successful leadership practices. Drawing from his extensive experience and research, Maxwell offers practical insights and timeless wisdom to help readers navigate the complexities of leadership. Each law is explored in its own chapter, accompanied by engaging personal anecdotes and biographical sketches of renowned leaders throughout history. By dissecting key principles such as integrity, influence, and teamwork, Maxwell equips readers with the tools to cultivate their leadership abilities and inspire meaningful change in their organizations and communities. With this comprehensive guide, readers embark on a transformative journey toward mastering the art of leadership and achieving their fullest potential.

Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham

Love + Work delves into the intersection of professional success and personal fulfillment, offering practical guidance on how to navigate both spheres effectively. With a focus on achieving a harmonious balance between work and relationships, Buckingham provides actionable strategies for finding fulfillment in both areas of life. Drawing from his extensive experience and research, the book equips readers with the tools to pursue meaningful careers while nurturing their personal connections. Through insightful advice and relatable anecdotes, Buckingham inspires readers to strive for a holistic approach to success, where love and work complement each other to create a fulfilling life. With “Love + Work” as a guide, readers embark on a journey towards greater satisfaction and harmony in both their professional and personal endeavors.

Your First Leadership Job by Tacy M. Byham

Your First Leadership Job is a comprehensive guide that illuminates the transformative journey of becoming a catalyst leader, capable of igniting energy, passion, and commitment in others. Divided into two sections, the book first introduces readers to the concept of the catalyst leader and the pivotal role it plays in their leadership journey. Through essential tips and practical advice, readers are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate this transition and embark on the catalyst path. With a focus on fostering leadership skills and inspiring positive change, “Your First Leadership Job” serves as a roadmap for aspiring leaders seeking to make a meaningful impact in their organizations and beyond.

The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon

The Power of Positive Leadership delves into the importance of maintaining positivity and enthusiasm, even in the face of negativity and challenges within a team. Drawing from his own experiences and insights, Gordon highlights the significance of rising above negative emotions and leading with optimism. Unlike other motivational works, this book offers substantive content and practical strategies rather than superficial aphorisms. Gordon’s approach provides readers with actionable advice to cultivate positive leadership skills, fostering resilience and driving success amidst adversity. Through compelling anecdotes and tangible techniques, The Power of Positive Leadership empowers leaders to inspire their teams and achieve remarkable results.


Die With Zero by Bill Perkins

Die with Zero challenges conventional views on personal finance, advocating for a life lived to the fullest. With a philosophy centered on intentional spending and prioritizing experiences, Perkins urges readers to shift their focus from accumulating wealth to enjoying life in the present. By redefining the notion of financial planning, the book empowers individuals to make the most of their resources and time, encouraging a mindset that values experiences over material possessions. Through practical insights and thought-provoking anecdotes, Perkins inspires readers to embrace a more fulfilling and purpose-driven approach to managing their finances and ultimately, their lives.

The Power of One More by Ed Mylett

The Power of One More imparts a transformative message: by harnessing the power of focused thoughts and actions, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve their most cherished goals. Through compelling anecdotes and practical insights, Mylett demonstrates how the simple act of adding ‘one more’ thought or action can lead to profound and lasting change. Whether in pursuit of personal or professional aspirations, readers learn to embrace incremental progress and cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement. By adopting Mylett’s principles, individuals discover the power within themselves to make significant strides towards their dreams and create a life of fulfillment and purpose.

You’ve Got This by Margie Warrell

You’ve Got This! provides a roadmap for overcoming self-doubt and cultivating self-trust. Through actionable strategies and relatable anecdotes, Warrell empowers readers to silence negative self-talk and embrace their innate potential. By offering practical tools for navigating challenges and setbacks, the book equips individuals with the confidence to persevere and thrive in any situation. With Warrell’s guidance, readers learn to harness their inner strength, confront their fears, and unlock a newfound sense of resilience and self-assurance. ‘You’ve Got This!’ is a beacon of inspiration for anyone seeking to conquer self-doubt and live a life of courage, confidence, and fulfillment.

The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

The Gap and the Gain offers a refreshing perspective on life’s challenges, presenting them as personal and professional growth opportunities. By reframing setbacks and failures as valuable learning experiences, the book empowers readers to embrace adversity and extract meaningful lessons from every situation. Through practical advice and actionable strategies, Sullivan and Hardy guide readers on a transformative journey toward leveraging setbacks to their advantage. By shifting focus from the “gap” between where one is and where one wants to be to the “gain” achieved through progress and learning, readers unlock the power to thrive amidst life’s inevitable challenges. With “The Gap and the Gain” as a roadmap, individuals discover how to turn obstacles into steppingstones towards success and fulfillment.

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

“The Art of Gathering challenges the notion that gatherings in our lives are inherently uninspiring and unproductive. Through insightful analysis and practical guidance, Parker contends that too often, we lean on routine and conventionality in our gatherings rather than prioritizing uniqueness and meaningful engagement with attendees. By shifting our focus to creating distinctive experiences tailored to the people involved, Parker argues that we can transform mundane gatherings into impactful and memorable events. With refreshing perspectives and actionable strategies, The Art of Gathering serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to host gatherings that leave a lasting impression and foster genuine connection.”

The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink

The Power of Regret delves into the complex role of regret in shaping our lives, offering valuable insights on harnessing it as a catalyst for growth and self-improvement. Drawing upon compelling research and personal narratives, Pink explores the transformative potential of regret, demonstrating how it can serve as a powerful tool for learning and personal development. By reframing regret as a constructive force rather than a source of negativity, Pink provides readers with actionable strategies to navigate past regrets and leverage them for positive outcomes. Through practical advice and profound wisdom, The Power of Regret empowers individuals to embrace their regrets as opportunities for growth, ultimately leading to greater fulfillment and resilience in life.


Be Your Future Self Now by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Be Your Future Self Now: The Science of Intentional Transformation challenges conventional notions of personal growth by emphasizing the power of present action over past conditioning. Rather than focusing on becoming someone new, Hardy advocates embodying one’s envisioned future self in the present moment. Through practical strategies and psychological insights, readers learn to harness the transformative potential of intentional behavior, allowing their future aspirations to guide their present actions. By aligning their behavior with their desired identity, individuals can break free from the constraints of their past and create a future filled with purpose, fulfillment, and lasting change.

High Performing Habits by Brendon Burchard

‘High Performance Habits unveils the key personal and social habits essential for achieving excellence and becoming a high performer. Through a blend of art and science, Burchard elucidates the practical strategies needed to cultivate clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence, and courage. Drawing from extensive research and real-world examples, the book provides actionable insights to empower readers to adopt and practice these proven habits. By mastering these foundational principles, individuals can elevate their performance, unlock their full potential, and thrive in both their personal and professional lives. ‘High Performance Habits’ serves as a comprehensive guide to fostering lasting success and fulfillment.

Love + Work by Marcus Buckingham

Love + Work delves into the intersection of professional success and personal fulfillment, offering practical guidance on how to navigate both spheres effectively. With a focus on achieving a harmonious balance between work and relationships, Buckingham provides actionable strategies for finding fulfillment in both areas of life. Drawing from his extensive experience and research, the book equips readers with the tools to pursue meaningful careers while nurturing their personal connections. Through insightful advice and relatable anecdotes, Buckingham inspires readers to strive for a holistic approach to success, where love and work complement each other to create a fulfilling life. With “Love + Work” as a guide, readers embark on a journey towards greater satisfaction and harmony in both their professional and personal endeavors.

The Restart Roadmap by Jason Tartick

In his compelling guide to career and life transformation, Jason draws from his diverse background as a motivational speaker, investment banker, life coach, and podcast host to provide actionable insights for achieving holistic success. With clarity and precision, Tartick offers readers clear action steps to define and pursue their visions of financial, professional, and emotional fulfillment. Through practical advice and personal anecdotes, readers are guided towards identifying their goals and taking decisive steps towards realizing them. Whether navigating career transitions or seeking personal growth, Tartick’s expertise empowers individuals to unlock their potential and create a life of purpose and prosperity. The Restart Roadmap serves as a roadmap for those ready to embark on a journey towards comprehensive success and fulfillment.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Start With Why delves into the powerful concept of starting with a clear purpose or “why,” which enables certain leaders to inspire those around them and drive profound change. Simon Sinek explores how this naturally occurring pattern of thinking, acting, and communicating can transform organizations and individuals alike. By understanding and articulating their underlying purpose, leaders can cultivate a sense of meaning and fulfillment in their teams and communities. Sinek argues that widespread adoption of the “why” mindset has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach their work, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. Through compelling anecdotes and actionable insights, Start With Why serves as a blueprint for unlocking inspiration and driving positive change in both personal and professional endeavors.

The 12 Week Year by Brian P Moran

The 12 Week Year presents a revolutionary approach to goal achievement, advocating for 12-week cycles over traditional yearly goals. Through actionable advice and practical strategies, the book guides readers on prioritization, goal setting, and execution to maximize results in a condensed timeframe. By emphasizing the importance of focus and intensity within each 12-week period, Moran and Lennington empower readers to achieve significant progress and sustained momentum. With a clear framework for setting and pursuing objectives, The 12 Week Year enables individuals and teams to accelerate their success and realize their full potential.

Wellness/Personal Development

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning presents a transformative approach to jumpstart personal growth and productivity through a structured morning routine. Elrod introduces six key practices—meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmations, reading, and writing—that collectively enhance overall well-being and success. By dedicating time each morning to these habits, readers can cultivate a positive mindset, boost energy levels, and maximize productivity throughout the day. With practical guidance and inspiring anecdotes, Elrod demonstrates how adopting this morning ritual can lead to profound improvements in various areas of life, from health and relationships to career and personal development. “The Miracle Morning” is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to unlock their full potential and create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Abundance Unleashed by Christian Mickelsen

Mickelsen has devised a rapid success system comprising five steps, prayers of abundance, and a “Peace Process” aimed at facilitating healing, all intended to aid you in manifesting your optimal self in the world. By embracing his goal-oriented, self-empowering methodology, you can unlock the wealth and happiness that lie within every aspect of your life.

Toxic Judgment by Gabby Bernstein

Toxic Judgment offers a transformative approach to overcoming the pervasive tendency to judge others and ourselves. Through a six-step interactive process drawing from spiritual principles found in A Course in Miracles, Kundalini yoga, tapping, meditation, prayer, and metaphysical teachings, Bernstein guides readers towards healing and self-awareness. By acknowledging and addressing the root cause of judgment—fear of inadequacy, unworthiness, and lack of safety—readers learn to dismantle toxic patterns and cultivate compassion and connection. Through bravery and introspection, Bernstein empowers readers to reclaim their power, release judgment, and embark on a journey towards inner peace and authentic self-expression.

The Greatest Mindset by Lewis Howes

The Greatness Mindset emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s pursuits with personal values rather than chasing success for its own sake. Through insightful guidance, Lewis offers readers a step-by-step approach to cultivating a mindset geared towards greatness and overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts. By identifying and prioritizing what truly matters, readers are empowered to design a life that reflects their authentic aspirations and values. Through practical strategies and transformative insights, ‘The Greatness Mindset’ serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking fulfillment and success on their own terms. With Lewis’s guidance, readers embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking their full potential and embracing a life of purpose and meaning.”

Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

Peak Performance offers a research-driven methodology for attaining sustained success in various facets of life. Through a blend of scientific insights and practical strategies, the book underscores the significance of prioritizing rest and recovery to optimize performance. By emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being, Stulberg and Magness provide readers with actionable tools to enhance overall performance and productivity. Whether pursuing professional goals or personal growth, readers learn how to harness the power of deliberate rest and strategic recovery to achieve peak performance over the long term. With “Peak Performance” as a guide, individuals can cultivate resilience, sustainably maximize their potential, and lead more fulfilling lives.

The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest 

The Mountain Is You offers transformative insights into the pervasive issue of self-sabotage, providing readers with practical guidance to overcome internal obstacles and achieve personal growth. Wiest’s empowering narrative sheds light on the root causes of self-sabotage, empowering readers to cultivate self-awareness and self-mastery. Through insightful strategies and compelling anecdotes, the book equips readers with the tools to break free from destructive patterns and unleash their full potential. By addressing the internal barriers that hinder progress, The Mountain Is You serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With Wiest’s guidance, readers learn to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, courage, and authenticity, ultimately realizing their inherent capacity for growth and fulfillment.

Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson

Peaks and Valleys tells the story of a young man stuck in a state of unhappiness until he encounters an old man residing on a peak, who imparts invaluable wisdom that transforms his perspective on work and life. Unaware of the old man’s remarkable success and inner peace, the young man learns profound lessons about navigating life’s peaks and valleys with resilience and purpose. Through engaging storytelling, the book offers readers timeless insights into overcoming adversity, finding balance, and embracing personal growth. As the young man internalizes the old man’s teachings, he discovers the keys to lasting happiness and success, forever changing his outlook and trajectory. With its universal lessons and inspiring narrative, Peaks and Valleys serves as a guide for anyone seeking to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and determination.

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap is a transformative self-help book that delves into the ways in which we unconsciously sabotage our own success and happiness. Through insightful analysis and practical strategies, Hendricks reveals how deeply ingrained limiting beliefs and fears hold us back from reaching our full potential. By offering actionable steps to overcome these barriers, Hendricks empowers readers to break free from self-imposed limitations and step into a life of abundance and fulfillment. With its empowering message and transformative guidance, The Big Leap serves as a roadmap for unlocking untapped potential and embracing a life of joy, purpose, and success.