SCDA Instructor Course

School Career Development Advisor Training Program

Course Format (How it works)

If you want to get Certified, the SCDA Instructor Training Certificate can be done remotely using Zoom, in person or in a group setting.  To make sure you can apply the what you have learned during the course you will be assigned to teach your peers one or more of the 12 FCD Competencies. You’ll learn to help your peers develop their SCDA Competencies during the workshop. This will further prepare you to deliver the modules on your own as an SCDA Instructor.

As a master trainer, I will provide detailed feedback on your teaching and presentation skills. I’ll also give you expert tips that I have learned in my 30 years of experience. In addition to my feedback, you can expect peer feedback as well from a student’s perspective. Honing your skills from both perspectives will help you improve them and make you a top class SCDA Instructor.

This course is ideal for career development professionals who wish to become School Career Development Advisors Instructors and help prepare adults for the art of helping students find meaningful work and managing their careers. You have the option to either do this in a face-to-face setting or online from the comfort of your home via Zoom. Upon the successful completion of the SCDA Instructor course, you will be approved to work as an SCDA Instructor and teach others to become SCDA in various settings, such as K-12 schools, community organizations, or government agencies. The curriculum, networking, and guidance that the SCDA training provides will prepare you to coordinate the design, implementation, and monitoring of school and community-based efforts to improve the chances of students entering the job market with skills, knowledge, and credentials to be competitive. You will be able to empower adults to help students start their journey towards successful careers and become eligible to apply for the Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA) credential.

SCDAs provide immeasurable VALUE in schools and the workforce by helping students prepare for their future careers. Having this certification will offer you a chance to:

  1. Gain skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately to your current profession.  
  2. Gain recognition and help you stand out in the career development and education industries.
  3. Increase opportunities for collaboration with schools, businesses, and community organizations.
  4. Become eligible for the Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA) credential.
  5. Network with regional career development practitioners and educators.
  6. Learn in a highly contextual and practical learning environment.

To qualify for this program as an SCDA, you would need to have a background in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Career development
  2. Education
  3. Counseling
  4. Workforce development
  5. Business and industry partnerships
  6. Program coordination
  7. Worked, taught, or trained in settings such as K-12 education, community organizations, government agencies, or career service agencies.

Prospective SCDA Instructors will be considered for this training if they have:

  1. Passion for helping adults work with students to prepare for their future careers.
  2. Experience in education, career development, or related fields.
  3. A commitment to teach the SCDA curriculum.

Application Process

Course Modules

SCDAI application must be completed. Acceptance or rejection notices will be mailed or emailed one week after applications are reviewed.

Download SCDA Application by Clicking here

Welcome, Logistics, and Delivering NCDA Facilitating Career Development training. During this workshop, you will the learn the objectives of the training. The training format and dates will be reviewed and agreed upon. A review of assignments and indicate when delivery dates for assignments. The career competencies will be reviewed and talked about on how to integrate into the SCDA course. You will review and learn about working with adults in terms of characteristics of adult learning and adult learning theory. A review of LinkedIn and other social media will be conducted on the best ways to connect and develop a powerful resource of content and resources.


Delivering NCDA School Career  Development Advisor training, My personal resources for your course along with NCDA’s resources, Instructor registry, and Certification pathways for the course. During this workshop, You will learn about what a successful student looks like online and how to engage them. The online environment will be discussed so students understand the environment and know ways to set up their courses and engage their SCDA students. You will learn the best ways to engage and deliver content. You will begin to learn about each chapter and the best ways to engage and use activities to motivate learners. This workshop will focus on helping skills, training leading groups, career development theory, and career assessments.


Delivering NCDA School Career Development Advisor training. During this workshop, You will learn the best ways to engage and deliver content. You will begin to learn about each chapter and the best ways to engage and use activities to motivate learners. This workshop will focus on ethics. You will learn and see the resources I have provided them by accessing Moodle. These resources provide everything they need to develop and run an excellent course for the SCDA course. Access to these resources is for a lifetime. Exploration of NCDA resources is done along with learning about the importance of registering for the NCDA instructor registry will be gone over. Lastly, You will learn and understand the ways and benefits for their SCDA. You can apply and gain national certification as a Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA).


Credentialing Assessment, Learning Management Systems, Asynchronous and Synchronous Tools, Places to Find Content beyond the instructor manual. During this module, You will learn how workforce development and economic development are aligned, interdependent, and an essential part of business services. Determine how to take a dual customer approach to address both job seeker and business needs. Develop and deliver a business pitch in connecting with local community businesses. You will determine how to take a dual customer approach to address both job seeker and business needs and explain strategies for responding to a demand-driven system. You will learn and understand the value of developing business relations and networks for your program.


Evaluating your students, course setup, face-to-face timings and ideas, a review of my SCDA course and setup, resources for your course, final course logistics, and a presentation of your completed assignments. During this workshop, You will learn ways to evaluate their students. A discussion will be held about the pros and cons of ways to set up and deliver their SCDA course. The face-to-face requirements will be reviewed along with activities that can be conducted during the face-to-face. You will see one of my SCDA courses and I will share my setup and the reasons I have put the course together in that manner. You will learn about resources they can use in their courses from images, videos, movies, and websites that can provide enriching content for them. Final course logistics will be covered around budget, record keeping, and other items to run a successful SCDA course. You will deliver their presentations and have assignments reviewed by Mark.


Career Opportunities

There are countless opportunities in the education and career development industry that will become available to you once you complete this training. You will be able to render services to One-Stop Centers, High School Counseling Offices, Corporate Career Development Programs, Non-Profit Centers, Humans Resource Personnel, Special Education Transition Coordinators, Job Training, and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.

Also, if you become a registered SCDA Instructor, you will be recognized by the NCDA. This will open additional opportunities to you.

As a recognition as a Nationally Registered School Career Development Advisor (SCDA) Instructor, you will:

  1. Get an opportunity to increase the depth of your career development knowledge and training skills.
  2. Be taught by a certified Master Trainer who models various learning techniques in the training to give you a high level of competency.
  3. Be part of a network of career development professionals committed to: excellence, lifelong learning, and the field of career development

Your Instructor

Meet Mark Danaher, who is Empowering Students, Connecting Education and Business.  With over 30 years of experience as a School Career Development Advisor (SCDA), Mark Danaher is a pioneer in the field. As a Master Trainer for the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) SCDA program, Mark has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum, bringing his expertise to the forefront.  Mark’s extensive career spans roles as a Career & Transition Coordinator, Career Counselor, Internship Teacher, and Career Services Coordinator in various high schools. He has successfully integrated career programs, established strategic partnerships with community businesses, and guided countless students toward meaningful careers.  As an SCDA course instructor, Mark offers a comprehensive 6-module program, including 10 hours of face-to-face Zoom sessions. Participants will gain insights into Foundational Skills, Educational Collaborations, K-12 Career Development Programming, Business Collaborations, Employability, and Credentialing Prep. Mark shares practical lessons from his own classroom experiences, ensuring participants receive real-world insights. By completing the course, professionals enhance their skills in guiding students and become eligible for the NCDA’s Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA) credential.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the most respected SCDAs in the industry. Join Mark Danaher’s transformative SCDA course and become a catalyst for change in your students’ lives.

Course Materials

Course materials include the SCDA curriculum and the instructor’s manual for conducting your own SCDA class. You will also receive access to my Moodle SCDA Instructor resources that include additional materials, video links, tricks and tips to engage your students. I will share websites that can be used as free resources for your course along with my best practices. This will be an elite group helping one another learn, grow and excel. You will have an opportunity to learn from them and also share your best practices. So in addition to the standard SCDA materials, you will have a chance to learn tried and tested tips and practices from some of the best in the career development field.

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