The Seven Critical Questions Every New Leader/Manager Should Ask

Congratulations on your new leadership role! Stepping into a managerial position is a significant career milestone, but with it comes a set of challenges that require thoughtful consideration. As an executive coach with extensive experience in guiding leaders through their transitions, I’ve identified seven critical questions that every new leader or manager should ask themselves. […]

Active Listening: The Underrated Skill that Boosts Interpersonal Relations

“The most important thing in communication is ‘hearing’ what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is often undervalued. We tend to focus more on speaking and expressing our own thoughts rather than truly listening to others. However, active listening is a skill that holds immense power in enhancing interpersonal relationships. […]

The Power of Regret: Using Your Past to Build a Better Future

We all have regrets in life. But what if we could change our regret into a positive force? In this blog post, we’ll explore how to do just that. We’ll look at how to reframe our regrets so that they empower us instead of holding us back. We’ll also explore how to use our regret […]

Flip that Negative Mindset

Do you have a negative mindset? If so, it’s holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams. In this video, I’m sharing with you how to turn your negative mindset into a positive one. With a little effort, you can start living a better life by changing your thoughts. In this video, I’m going […]

Toxic Boss

In my recent articles and videos, I have discussed the impact of a supervisor on your career and happiness.  Many of you have asked me to share my experiences of working for a toxic manager. Approximately ten years ago, I was working in an organization where I loved my job, with over an hour commute […]

4 Ways You Can Expand Your Professional Network

Here are 4 Ways to Expand Your Professional Network 1.       Eliminate industry limitations and network beyond your profession. One of the most significant steps you can take to unlock your career potential is to break the boundaries of your profession and to meet others outside of your industry. Networking with others outside your trade will broaden […]

Why Do I Need to Network Throughout My Career

Do you feel like your career is progressing at a snail’s pace? Are you worried that you have not connected with your network in a while, and that you are not even sure who is in your network? Building and nurturing a network can reward your career in the most sudden and unexpected ways. This […]

I am a fake

I believe in being real, but I have been a fake and maybe you are…

Social Environment and its Impact on…

As I continue my series on personal environment, I want to focus on the social aspects of your environment. You have the ability to choose your friends, but not always your colleagues. When you were in school, you had the ability to connect with so many different people. I did well with my friends through high school but […]

Five ways to Move Your Career Forward

Five Ways to Move Your Career Forward Do you feel like you’re stuck in a career rut? Are opportunities few and far between? Maybe you’re not able to figure out what that next step is? Know that you are not alone. We all face difficulties at different stages of our careers. The question almost exclusively […]