Benefits of a Gratitude Practice for Work

An attitude of gratitude benefits every area of your
life—personal and professional. Whether you wake up excited to go to work each day or are struggling to reconnect with your purpose, establishing a gratitude
practice is going to make you feel better.

  1. Networking: Sending a quick thank you note to a co-worker. Giving a heartfelt thank you to a new acquaintance. Research finds that when you thank someone, they are more likely to try to establish an ongoing relationship and it makes you feel happier.
  2.  Sleep: Want to perform better at work? Feel better about life? Of course. Good sleep is key to a good life. Gratitude interventions help people sleep better—even those with sleep disorders. This makes sense. Rumination makes sleep nearly impossible.  Write down 3 things you are thankful for every night to set the tone for your sleep
  3. Happier: Whatever you incline your mind towards, you get more of. Noticing the positive in your life and taking time to appreciate the little things help bring happiness into our lives. This isn’t a momentary change in mood. This is a change in emotion, in how we feel overall.  Only focus on the negative for a few moments, then focus on what you can do and what the positives are.

Happier, well-rested, and more connected. These aren’t just the backbones of a better life at work. These will give you a better life.   Smile and be Thankful!  Check out my article on “Daily Self-Reflection and Meditation will Boost your Career and Happiness” on LinkedIn.