Taking action to gain clarity. Look, we all have things in our lives that we get stuck in. We may not be happy in our job. We may get passed over for promotions. Maybe things arenโ€™t going well in our lives. You really have to think about, why do we stay in that routine? Why do we stay in that rut? Weโ€™re always looking at it going, โ€œWow,โ€ or โ€œIโ€™m just doing the same thing over and over. Iโ€™m not really happy.โ€ Well, you need to take control and ownership of what you do every day. You have to be the one thatโ€™s going to say, โ€œToday is the last day that Iโ€™m going to stay in the same situation, and I am going to actually figure out what Iโ€™m going to do.โ€

Itโ€™s hard. I know, taking a step outside of something thatโ€™s familiar is tough to do; whether youโ€™re changing jobs or youโ€™re changing departments, or youโ€™re going to change companies,
youโ€™re going to look for something different. Itโ€™s hard. But look here, take a step. Take one step today, see where that leads with you. Journal about it. Find out whatโ€™s holding you back. What do you like about your current job, and what are the things that you just want to throw out like, โ€œLet me get rid of that. Itโ€™s not worth it.โ€

Take some time. Reflect on what you really enjoy in your life, what you really enjoy in your job right now, then letโ€™s put a plan together. One of the things you have to do is that you have to put a plan for each day. If you just get up every day and you live your life, youโ€™re not going to change.

What you need to do is, every night, clear your desk, get things set, put a list together, and then have a to-do list. Have those key three to five things that youโ€™re going to do. Write
down the phone numbers of the people that you need to call, but you need to take action. You need to put some clarity in what youโ€™re doing, whatโ€™s the purpose in it, and then more importantly is do it on a regular basis. That way, it becomes a habit.

Taking a step each day, putting down those things that youโ€™re going to commit to, theyโ€™re going to change and give you that clarity you want. But until you do it, youโ€™re going to still be
the same person, youโ€™re going to be the same thing. Look, a year from now, we donโ€™t want to look back and go, โ€œOh, I wish I did that sooner.โ€

Start today, and take those steps, youโ€™re going to get there. So download my free Planner. Itโ€™s a daily way that you can kind of figure out what you need to do, who you need to contact, take
notes, review, and then get set up for your next day. Take action. I know that you can do it.