Believe in Yourself…

The biggest obstacle in any career change is us.  Yes, we are our own roadblock to success and happiness. I had a client once who could not get out of his own way.  No matter what proof I showed him that he had the skills and abilities to make a career shift, he didn’t believe […]

Overcoming Fear in Making a Job Change

How to overcome your fear of losing your income when making a job change?  We all have fears when it comes to making a change or leaving our jobs.  It is normal! When we take a risk – you will feel afraid.  It is OK to be afraid. Look, I have been there…completely afraid and […]

Overcoming Self-Doubt to Succeed

Think about the first time you wanted to ask someone out. You were nervous, scared, and you didn’t know what to do. You’re worried about what they were going to say and whether they were going to say yes or no. What you did is you let your mind wander and determine the outcome before […]

Your Biggest Challenge!!

So, what is the biggest challenge in your career right now? Give yourself a moment to think about it. More important than the challenge is how you handled it. Whatever the challenge you are facing – it is important to understand how you are facing it. Are you the type of person who hides and […]