Your Biggest Challenge!!

So, what is the biggest challenge in your career right now? Give yourself a moment to think about it.

More important than the challenge is how you handled it. Whatever the challenge you are facing – it is important to understand how you are facing it. Are you the type of person who hides and ignores it hoping it will go away. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but not in this case. Or are you the person who goes headfirst into the problem without analyzing it and starts to make changes and ends up in a bigger mess.

Well, I think it is important to do both. There are benefits by not putting too much emphasis on a challenge, so you don’t make it bigger than it is. With many things in life, we determine the weight or severity of the matter/challenge at hand. So, it is important not to let career challenges overwhelm you to the point where you are hiding from them and hoping they will go away.

Taking a challenge head-on is important in the fact that you are facing your issues, and you are not afraid to deal with them and resolve them. An important step is to slow down and look and what you are facing and brainstorm the possibilities of what outcomes you want to come from this challenge. Can you talk with a colleague or family member to see other perspectives and gain insight into your challenge? By facing your challenges head-on, you are not ignoring it, but taking control and dealing with the issues.

With any challenge you face at work, you ultimately decide the weight and severity it plays out in your life. I believe we have control of our emotions and abilities to handle situations. While we may not ultimately be in control, we can only control what is in our power. So, don’t give that power and control away. Stand up, face your challenges and act. Whether it is the right or wrong step, action will give you guidance and clarity.