Crazy Short Weeks

Crazy week. You know, short weeks are not good weeks, and it all depends on how we use our perspective in looking at it. Sometimes we just need to slow down. Take a moment, really reflect on what we need to get done and what we really need to get done, not just busywork, but what are the true things that have to occur. Otherwise, you get crazy, and that’s what I did this week. I got crazy. It was just insane of doing everything and just trying to figure out what do we do? How do we put everything together? How do we get things done before the holiday? And it got to the point where we crashed. And it took a moment like that to really get me back into who do I need to be? Who do I need to be within my family? And even getting my family to think about who do we need to be to each other?

I think that’s the big thing we need to think about. And so as you go through, take a moment and reflect, how do you want to be in the world? If you’re going to live your best life, if you’re going to live your best career, if you’re going to figure out how do you want to show up in the world, you need to take moments where you take time out, reflect, and then be in the moment. Be in the moment with that person, be in the moment with your significant other, your friends, your colleagues, whatever it is, but stop multitasking. Stop running around like crazy with your head cut off and figure out what are the key things that you need. That’s the important part. What are the things that you have to accomplish, and what are those things that you think that you have to do that are busy work and you can throw ’em off to the side and get to ’em when you need to?

So listen, it’s one of those things. Be where your feet are. Be with the person you are. Spend that time. I think that’s the best thing I did this week, was I sat down and I was with my son and we were just doing financial literacy and a few other things. I got a chance to talk to my daughter and do the same thing. I did the same thing with my wife. You know, so take a moment. My call to action for you is to be where your feet are. Find that significant other, the colleague, your friend, whoever it is, and just be with them. And then one other call to action is to do a random act of kindness. Just go out there, whether it be a friend, colleague, whatever it is, open a door, buy a coffee, you know, just wish ’em a good day, have a conversation with someone and just be out there and be present in the world.