Believe in Yourself…

The biggest obstacle in any career change is us.  Yes, we are our own roadblock to success and happiness.

I had a client once who could not get out of his own way.  No matter what proof I showed him that he had the skills and abilities to make a career shift, he didn’t believe in himself.   He painted a picture of this skill lacking professional who only knew one job.

Here is one thing we did to help him overcome his own limitations.

We worked on and wrote up an affirmation that had him as a positive and successful professional to build his confidence and positive self-image.  He did this every morning and night for 6 weeks.  I explained to him that he needed to say his affirmation consistently and with conviction.  I told him Roman wasn’t built in a day and he needs to take time to rebuild his mindset and beliefs to see what I was seeing.   Each week he made a commitment to say this affirmation every day and over the weeks, you could see the change in the way he spoke and carried himself.

We are the biggest barrier to our own success.  It is important to recognize that we need assistance and support.  Affirmations can help you change your mind’s perspective in who you are and how you show up in the world.   With consistent action, practice and conviction in what we are doing, we can make changes to achieve the career change we want!