Overcoming Fear in Making a Job Change

How to overcome your fear of losing your income when making a job change?  We all have fears when it comes to making a change or leaving our jobs.  It is normal! When we take a risk – you will feel afraid.  It is OK to be afraid.

Look, I have been there…completely afraid and frozen to the fears of leaving the comfort of what I know and had loved.  I was stuck because fear held me back.  I didn’t think I could make the income I needed to survive and provide for my family.   I let my mind dictate how I was being in the world.  It was until I decided to take control and change my thoughts that I was able to overcome my fears.

Here are two things I want you to remember:

  1.  Recognize that fear is only a piece of the puzzle.  When your mind goes to “I can’t” – breathe and relax.  Ask who is really talking?  Is it you or the Fear?   If it is the fear, then you can reframe your thoughts to be positive and reassure yourself that it is only words and not what is happening
  2. With the recognition of fear and being in control of your thoughts.  Ask yourself, “Will I never being to replace my income?”  Can I adjust my lifestyle if I make a little less?  Have you done the research?  Do you really know? Be honest and ask yourself how true is this reality?

Fear of losing your income or any fear is based in the power we give our words and thoughts.   Face your fears and challenge the reality of them.  With some practice, I know you will start to see the difference between operating out of fear and operating from research and debunking your fear.