Clarity and Action

Taking action to gain clarity. Look, we all have things in our lives that we get stuck in. We may not be happy in our job. We may get passed over for promotions. Maybe things aren’t going well in our lives. You really have to think about, why do we stay in that routine? Why […]

Benefits of a Gratitude Practice for Work

An attitude of gratitude benefits every area of yourlife—personal and professional. Whether you wake up excited to go to work each day or are struggling to reconnect with your purpose, establishing a gratitudepractice is going to make you feel better. Networking: Sending a quick thank you note to a co-worker. Giving a heartfelt thank you […]

Saying Goodbye to Your Former Job

Leaving your job can be complicated. People may be inconvenienced and feelings may be hurt. To make things as simple and professional as possible, follow these guidelines: Decide on a Timeline: Figure out if you should give two weeks’ notice or more. You don’t want to leave projects hanging. Remember the People: Your superiors and […]

A Quick Way to Improve Your Networking

People report feeling dirty when they network—they feel like they are trying to get something for nothing. The best way to remedy this is to make sure you’re focusing on the people that you’re meeting and serving them rather than on what they can provide. You have to ask yourself a few questions while pursuing […]