My Favorite Restaurant

We all have a favorite restaurant that you go to all the time. It could be for the food, the ambiance, the friendships, or whatever it may be. You go there on a regular basis, then one day you go there, and it’s closed. You don’t know what happened and you go check it out and you realize that they’re out of business. What do you do when your favorite restaurant is gone.

Well, this happened to me the other day. I go to meet up with a friend and we typically go to this one restaurant. We eat there two or three times a year and sit for two or three hours. I show up early to the restaurant and walked up to the door. It was closed. Everything was packed up and nothing left in the restaurant. The restaurant was gone, and we had to do some brainstorming around it. We took some action we found another restaurant. It wasn’t the same, but we tried it out. We didn’t stay as long as usually do because we didn’t want to push our boundaries the first time. It was an opportunity for us to learn and see how we could adapt and pivot to a new restaurant.

The same thing happens in a career. You’ve been going to your career for years. Everything’s been great and all sudden you show up one day it’s pretty much closed – I’m not happy – I don’t like what’s going on – I don’t like the food – I don’t like the ambiance whatever it is, but you realize that you need to make a change. The problem is for many of us in our career we stay for the following reasons: security, safety, and to provide for your family. But we must look at what are you doing in your career – are you growing or moving forward in your career. Is this the right place for you. Sometimes we need to take the opportunity to find something new to make that pivot. Just like I had to change restaurants because it was closed, we need to change our career if it not right. It is important to look at where you’re now. If it is something that you like great stay with it, but if it’s not, you need to figure out what are things you like to do and want to do as you pivot to a new career