Invest in Yourself

Are you working too much? Not excited about getting up in the morning? I have been there. Running with my head cut off, trying to do everything and anything that was put in front of me. I needed to say no, but I was afraid. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but in the end, I was hurting myself and my job. If you’re spending your days only responding to the requests of others and constantly saying “yes,” even though you’re swamped, burnout is inevitable. You just have to say ‘no.’ With additional tasks, you are probably asked to stay late or work on something that’s not a part of your job description.

You need to assert yourself and politely inform you’re the person that you currently can’t accept their requests. Start investing in yourself. Indulge in some research or projects that excite you. Find something that ignites your passions and gets your energy flowing. When you are working more in your genius zone, you will feel better and enjoy work. Not every task or project has to be your favorite. By finding some work that excites you, you will see your overall career and life improve as you are excited and connected to what you are doing. In the end, the person ultimately responsible is you. A

coach can help you navigate this issue. Leave a comment about what you have done to help deal with career burnout.