Are you Overwhlemed or Burned-out?

Hey Mark here. Are you overwhelmed, burned out, not too sure?  Listen, it’s tough.  There’s a lot of things going on. Are you starting to ask some questions?  Are you losing your enjoyment in life?  Are you finding that when you go to work that your stuck?  You don’t know what you’re doing.  You’re just looking at the computer screen.  Are you having trouble sleeping at night?  What are those things that might be popping up?  Look I’ve been there.  It’s difficult.  You really don’t realize it’s actually happening until it’s too late.

You’re going along and you’re doing your work and you thinking you’re doing your best. You are trying to be productive, but you’re really not engaged.  You’re finding that sometimes you’re a little bit more irritable, argumentative and that you’re not having the greatest relations at work.  You’re not doing well at home and you just don’t have that get up.  Where you to get up and do things now.  You’re just not looking forward to it.  So look at you need to stop.

You have to think about what can I do?  What can I change in order to do that?  You know, it took a little bit for me.  I wasn’t even really thinking about it.  I was just going through and think it’ll just it’ll happen on its own, but you have to take charge. You have to do some things to really evaluate, what’s happening.  What can I change in my life to make those differences?  Look Overwhelmed burnout they are treatable. There’s a way out of it.  There are things that you can do, but it really comes down to the fact that you have to take charge.  You have to step up and sometimes getting help with a coach or a friend. Somebody who can step in and help you see what’s happening and make those changes is very important.

So look take a moment.  Think about where you’re at. Reflect on your life, reflect on work, are things happening.  How are you doing with work? Journal a few things and see if it’s adding up and it’s not all coming together.  You know what you’re probably burned out or heading that way. So take a moment now reach out to a friend reach out to me.  I’ll be more than happy to have a little strategy call with you to see what’s going on.  But you need to take care of yourself and you need to take the steps.