What Staying in Your Current Job is Costing You…

High blood pressure, insomnia, weight gain, weakened immune system, a lowered sense of self-worth, aching relationships, anxiety, or depression.

Have you guessed the physical cause of these ailments yet?

Studies show that these symptoms can manifest themselves in response to not being happy in your job. Your mental well-being and your physical health are intricately entwined.

Your ability to maintain and thrive inside your relationships contributes to your longevity.

When you stay at a job that is not satisfying, you are robbing the world of the unique contributions that you bring when you discover and start living your passion.

Staying at your current job may seem like the easiest thing for you to do, but “easiest” is not an indication of “best.”

Staying at a job you are not happy with —or even feel bored and uninspired by—is costing you a lot more than just the hours you’re wasting.

It’s costing you your life.