Questions and Reflections…

What questions are you asking yourself? Are you asking the right questions? Are you challenging yourself enough with the quality of your questions? Check out my latest video to learn more…

Applying for a job beyond your comfort zone

How to get your dream job? I have been working with many clients lately who have been afraid to apply for a job outside of their qualifications and experience. They have been fearful that they may not meet all the requirements requested in the job description.  According to Tara Sophia Mohr’s article in the Harvard Business […]


Love the work you do Do the work you love. When I work with clients, I want to help them find what they love to do and work. To help them figure this out, I asked them to share a story they love to do when they were children between the ages of 10 and […]

Engage your Network

Are you engaged with your network? Do you take time to reach out and connect with all levels within your network of 90? Make sure to make time each day to reach out…watch my video to learn more…

3 Tips to Find the Passion in your work

Many people are missing passion for their work. It is simply a way to keep a roof over the head and food on the table. But finding your passion in work is so important because it can make a huge difference in how you see your job and how you perform. I would suggest the following […]


Getting unstuck and moving forward in your career Are you feeling… Stuck? Feeling trapped? Feeling there is no way out? You might be stuck in your thoughts or in an uninspiring job or career. Your life may be on hold. You might feel that something is not letting you step forward. It may feel like a […]


Unhappy in your job….we all get down and not sure….this pain or uneasiness may be telling you something. Check out my short video to learn more…

Being Stuck

Three reasons why you might be stuck in your career Comfort and Familiarity You have been working in your job for many years in the same role. You have not grown with the position, nor have you challenged yourself by learning anything new. You are very comfortable in what you do, but you just don’t […]


Reach out and connect with someone. Take a minute out of your day to give some gratitude and check in with friends, family, or colleagues. Check out my short video.


3 Reasons to Practice Gratitude in Your Career When you have had a hard day at work or have not received a promotion, it can be hard to feel grateful. However, gratitude is essential to having a happy and healthy life and career. But what you are gaining from each work experience is more than […]