Being Stuck

Three reasons why you might be stuck in your career

Comfort and Familiarity

You have been working in your job for many years in the same role. You have not grown with the position, nor have you challenged yourself by learning anything new. You are very comfortable in what you do, but you just don’t feel excited about performing the same old daily tasks and responsibilities. It has gotten old! It is as though you are on autopilot – just going through the motions.

Quick win:  Start a new activity or hobby that could open up unexpected career interests and other opportunities.  You will be amazed at how a new activity can fire up your motivation and expand your network.

Money Grab

You have been in your career for a while.  You are pleased with your earnings level which has enabled you to have a fine house and a good car, but your work no longer excites you.   You feel stuck because you may not find another job that matches your salary to maintain your present quality of life.

Quick win:  If you are not happy in your current role, develop an exit strategy, budget, and action plan with dates for when you can leave and take a new job.


Sometimes fear can hold you back from moving out of your career and into something new because of the unknown.  Fear can be a powerful force; it will hold you back and keep you from looking elsewhere. You will not make a move until the pain of your current job is greater than the unknown that will be your cue to take action.

Quick win:  If you are feeling stuck in your current job, take time to do a self-reflection to see what is going well for you and what you are concerned about.  A frank discussion with a colleague or friend, along with your self-reflection, may tell you if it is time to make a change.

Check in next week as I will share five tips on how to get unstuck in your career.