5 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Career

Building career confidence may seem like a challenging task in a workplace where you face obstacles daily. When you feel low on self-esteem, there are ways that you can recharge by implementing some self-care measures that will help you stride forward in your career. Discover five ways to boost your confidence. 1. Reflect on your […]

How to Choose the Coach Who is Right for You

And What you Should Look for… With more and more people calling themself coaches, it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right professional to serve you well and to satisfy your needs. There are important factors to consider if you are serious and want to see significant and lasting changes in your life. You have […]

Three Steps to Gain Clarity in your Life and Career

What do you want out of life? How can you achieve the happiness you deserve? To answer these questions you will need clarity in your life and career. This article will describe the concept and outline three steps to achieve it. The Importance of Clarity in Your Career and Life Clarity helps you understand where […]

3 Ways a Coach Can Help You Achieve Success

You have undoubtedly been through some challenging times lately.   It probably has affected your working and personal life in one way or another. This could result in your having no time for personal ambitions because you are working from home, or your frustration at not achieving goals because of a new set of unforeseen obstacles. You […]

3 Questions to Ask About Living Your Best Life

Questioning yourself is often portrayed as a bad thing or a weakness. The advice goes ‘trust yourself’, ‘believe in yourself’, ‘don’t doubt yourself’. And often that is the wise advice, especially when those questions you ask yourself aren’t justified or come out of a place of low self-esteem. But questioning yourself isn’t always bad. You just […]

You Are Just a Number. And You Are Replaceable, But You Can Be Yourself

You are probably like many others who have the dream of working for a company and moving up the corporate ladder. You give all your time and energy to growing within the company and to being rewarded with titles and compensation.  You are a loyal employee and you believe the company is loyal to you. Well, […]

How to Attract Awesome Opportunities into your Life and Career

Let’s debunk a widespread myth – winners aren’t born; they are driven to it. Greatness and success are a choice—a strong desire and a goal that requires a unique mindset. If you want to be a winner, you must act like a winner. When it comes to being successful – at your job or in entrepreneurship […]