You Are Just a Number. And You Are Replaceable, But You Can Be Yourself

You are probably like many others who have the dream of working for a company and moving up the corporate ladder. You give all your time and energy to growing within the company and to being rewarded with titles and compensation.  You are a loyal employee and you believe the company is loyal to you.

Well, dreams do often come true but not always in the corporate world. I understand that some people have lived a dream and have reached the top in one company. You have to understand the reality is that companies are about profits and margins and not about humans. In the end, companies worry about the bottom line before they ever worry about those who are working for them.

You may disagree with what I am saying, but everyone has their own opinion and perspective. You need to understand as you move through your corporate career that you are a number and not a human. You were given a number when you started with the company and that is still how you are considered. You are just one of the cogs in the machine that they use to make a profit. You might be saying to yourself right now; “Not me. They will take care of me. I have given my life for this company.” The reality is that profit comes first, profits come second, and third is you may fall out of their liking.

You may believe that you are essential and irreplaceable. Well, you are replaceable. For example, Apple lost Steve Jobs when he passed away from cancer. Everyone was concerned about what was going to happen to Apple once it lost its visionary. Tim Cook stepped into his shoes and has continued to move Apple forward in new directions. There are many examples out there that you can find where people are replaceable whether they are fired or leave a company.

What I want you to focus on is your skillset and who you are as a person and as an employee. This is the most important thing you need to consider when you work for a company. This will allow you the opportunity to change careers or leave a company to find new opportunities based on your purpose and skill set. I do believe in dreams coming true, but you need to understand the reality of life so that you can prepare yourself for that potential day when you are let go from the job that you loved. You need to be the CEO of your career and life and stay ahead of the curve, so you know what is ahead of you. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there and you do not want to get caught up in the dust and head trash that happens when you are let go while you thought you were not replaceable.

You have a purpose and a unique set of talents and skills to offer so many companies and so many opportunities as an entrepreneur.  Keep this in mind as you pursue your dreams and move through the corporate world. You will do amazing things, but understand that your career is not your identity. Your identity is who you are every day with your family, friends, and colleagues in carrying out your purpose and passions in life. Make sure you are taking time to develop yourself personally for yourself, your family, and your friends.

You have so many unique talents and skills that need to be shared with the world. There are so many activities and adventures waiting for you.

Step outside and live life beyond the corporate walls.