Strengthening Your Network

So did you make network connections this past week? Did it go well? Sometimes we need to step out of our comfortable to grow and learn and build our network.

We all have a network of friends, family and colleagues that we can call on at any time – at least we believe that. No matter how small or large your network is, you need to maintain and strengthen it.

Look at all your network connections and choose the 90 or so that you want to nurture and build with. (This does not mean that you forget about everyone else or that you don’t add to your network.) Then, reach out and send an email or two a day working down your list of 90 you have selected to check in with them or share some wisdom.

This network of 90 becomes your tentacles into the world as you are building your business, making moves in your career or being ready for new opportunities. By staying connected with your network, they stay warm and connected with you and know what has been happening in your world. So, take some time today and reflect on your network. Is it warm and ready to be utilized or do you need to dust off the cover and start reconnecting?

Keep your network warm and active and you never know what may come your way.

Reach out to two people you haven’t connected with recently and say hello or share some wisdom. You network will thank you!