Developing Your Purpose

Living a life infused with meaning is the ultimate reward. Figuring out what that meaning is takes a bit of effort. You must examine yourself and ask tough questions. “What do I enjoy?” is necessary, but not enough. You need to ask:

  • What am I uniquely talented at?
  • What can I deliver in a way that nobody else can?
  • What does my ideal job look like?
  • What makes me excited to get up in the morning?
  • What does my ideal life look like?

Once you have reflected and answered these questions, you can begin to construct your purpose. Realize that your ideal life may not come pre-packaged; to truly celebrate your uniqueness and follow it through, you will be challenged to carve out a new path. That means you must be comfortable with risks, open to suggestions, and willing to learn from your mistakes.

Once you can envision your ideal life, begin this exciting journey to develop your meaning and purpose.