Emotional Environment and Its Impact…

This is my last in the series on the environment and its impact on your life and career.  One essential aspect of the environment that is not discussed or practiced enough is the emotional part. The emotional environment is a measure of your feelings and energy that promotes well-being and stability.  I see this aspect of the environment […]

How is your Social Environment Impacting you

Do you think your social environment has any impact on you?  I think you will be surprised by the impact it has on your success and life. Check out my latest late video below: https://youtu.be/OJojkgR49DM

Social Environment and its Impact on…

As I continue my series on personal environment, I want to focus on the social aspects of your environment. You have the ability to choose your friends, but not always your colleagues. When you were in school, you had the ability to connect with so many different people. I did well with my friends through high school but […]

How does you Physical Environment…

It is the one environment that we can easily control and adjust to, but it is one we tend to ignore and live in the clutter, chaos, and conditions that are not optimal for success. Check out my latest video to learn some more. https://youtu.be/2E7XJhCfD5I

Your Physical Environment Impacts Your Life


In my last article, I shared how the various physical, emotional, and social aspects of my environment have promoted my success.  I would like to take a deeper look into the effects of your physical environment on your life. Your everyday surroundings at home and in the office have an inevitable impact on your mood and emotions. […]

What is your environment like

What is your environment like? It is something we take for granted yet play n important part in our success… Check out this short video to see what I am talking about… https://youtu.be/VEblSewxdTQ

5 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Career

Building career confidence may seem like a challenging task in a workplace where you face obstacles daily. When you feel low on self-esteem, there are ways that you can recharge by implementing some self-care measures that will help you stride forward in your career. Discover five ways to boost your confidence. 1. Reflect on your […]

Benefits of Working with a Coach

Hello and welcome to my LinkedIn newsletter! This week’s edition of the newsletter is centered on ways coaching can benefit you. Many times we are struggling with no one to turn to, a coach can be the person to listen and provide perspective to help you elevate your career and life. Just in case you […]

Leaders are Struggling

Leaders are Struggling With No One to Turn to Many leaders are expected to be superheroes who can do everything and devote their entire day and night to their organization. They are the ones who are there to lead and provide that beacon of light for others to follow. The reality is that these leaders […]

Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Own Success


Recognizing that you are self-sabotaging is the first step towards overcoming it. The next step is learning what you can do to help. It can be difficult, but with the right attitude, advice, and support of the people around you, it can be done. It will be worth it as it will lead to greater […]