Do You Have It?

Do you have it? Why are you not sure? It is that thin we are striving for and trying to obtain…success, freedom, etc.

How I Recovered and Thrived from My Toxic Boss Experience

Mark Danaher Career, Life and Leadership Coach

In my recent article “My Toxic Boss” (, I talked about my experience with a new CEO who changed my career and life adversely. While working at this job, I was at the point of burnout and felt discriminated against by my CEO and a lower-level supervisor. I was not in a good place, which […]

Boss Impact on Purpose

Did you ever think about the impact of your manager on your purpose? Your supervisor can have a huge impact on your happiness and purpose at work. Watch this short video to learn more…

Toxic Boss

In my recent articles and videos, I have discussed the impact of a supervisor on your career and happiness.  Many of you have asked me to share my experiences of working for a toxic manager. Approximately ten years ago, I was working in an organization where I loved my job, with over an hour commute […]

Your Bosses Impact on Your Career

Does your boss impact your happiness? your career success? your purpose? Did you ever think that your boss has a direct impact on your career success and happiness at work…

Things to Consider when Choosing a Boss

Why Does the Manager Matter When Choosing A Job? When considering your purpose in choosing a job, you must also consider the manager or superior that you will be working for. Many people believe that if they find a job or passion that they love, their happiness will be guaranteed. However, this is not always […]

Are you Balanced

Are you thinking about your own work-life balance? When was the last time you took a few moments to review your current life and priorities? Take a moment now to watch and think about where you are.

You are More Than Your Job: How to Find Purpose in Life Outside of Work

How do you define yourself? Are you your job title? Do you see yourself as a doctor, teacher, lawyer, or accountant? If so, you are not alone. Many people identify with their profession and see themselves only in that role, which can lead to a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. 1. Understand That You Are More […]