LinkedIn Tips to Do Each Month

LinkedIn is an important social media tool in your professional life. It can provide you with additional opportunities and connections in your career. It is your professional brand. Even if you are in the same job as last year, there are a few things you must update every month on LinkedIn: Skills: You are learning […]

A Quick Way to Improve a Weakness at Work

While we should be focusing most of our effort in areas where we are strong, there are some weaknesses that can’t be ignored. Being disorganized, indecisive, perfectionistic, and unable to delegate are problems regardless of where you shine. To improve in any area of your weakness, finding a mentor will help. One can give you […]

Finding Your Strengths at Work

Do you find yourself looking for your weaknesses and trying to improve on them? That shows you have character—but isn’t the smartest way to go about things. In today’s skills-based economy, you should find your strengths and work on them. You have a unique genius in some area and that is what you should be […]

Perfectionism Stops us from Reaching our Goals

Many of us suffer from perfectionism. We want everything to be just right — until one day when some action or experience gets in the way of our quest for perfection, and we find that perfection may not be achievable. Sometimes, when we find that we can’t achieve perfection, we just give up on trying […]

What Staying in Your Current Job is Costing You…

High blood pressure, insomnia, weight gain, weakened immune system, a lowered sense of self-worth, aching relationships, anxiety, or depression. Have you guessed the physical cause of these ailments yet? Studies show that these symptoms can manifest themselves in response to not being happy in your job. Your mental well-being and your physical health are intricately […]