Happiness Can Be Created By…

There is a tendency for people to return to a relatively stable level of happiness even after a terrible event. Those who win the lottery aren’t forever ecstatic and those who lose a loved one don’t feel lost forever. You – not the outside world – create your own happiness. You have to take charge […]

A Positive Work Environment

There is nothing more fundamental to our humanity than our sense of belonging. Author Simon Sinek says that the workplace is our modern tribe. To reap the benefits of our inherent desire to pull together and create positive momentum, we must feel safe, appreciated and free to expand our comfort zone. How do you do […]

Developing Your Purpose

Living a life infused with meaning is the ultimate reward. Figuring out what that meaning is takes a bit of effort. You must examine yourself and ask tough questions. “What do I enjoy?” is necessary, but not enough. You need to ask: What am I uniquely talented at? What can I deliver in a way […]

Gratitude for What You Have

Feeling envious of those around us has always been easy. Social media amplifies that tendency. We compare ourselves to others and find our lives lacking. Instead of focusing on what others have, we should focus on what we have and feel thankful for it. People who have a gratitude practice are not only happier—they are […]