Work Life Blending

Work-Life Blending is Important as You Consider a Career Change: Things to Consider

Boundaries between our working environments and everyday lives have changed. The advancements in technology, COVID, remote work and the increasingly rapid pace of business have arguably erased the confines of a ‘9-5’ job.

Many workers find their personal time shortened by the demands of their jobs. More than ever, they are pondering a career change to bring a better work-life balance into their lives.

The traditional path to career success features fewer possibilities in the concept of a work-life balance. It almost discourages the idea entirely.

Now a more innovative idea is becoming accepted – a work-life blend. It’s a target that’s more straightforward to achieve in today’s high-octane society.

In considering a career change you should think about the work-life blend, and this article will explain how you should approach that goal.

What is a Work-Life Blend, and Why is it Important?

A work-life balance suggests that you create specific timeslots for your professional and personal activities – a work-life blend combines the two.

The idea of your career interfering with your personal activities is often a primary factor in considering career changes. However, striving for a work-life balance is argued as being counteractive to your downtime.

The stress and anxiety of carving out certain parts of the day to try and enjoy yourself cause more issues than solves them. Inevitably, our 24/7 business pace will eventually interfere with your downtime. Subsequently, these intrusions may cause a rollercoaster of emotions.

Adopting a work-life blend aims to remove those pressures in favor of a healthier use of time – combining both your personal and professional activities.

A work-life blend is a set of guidelines that support the needs of your personal life and career ambitions without having to reset to focus on one or the other. It aims to turn the idea of separation of activities into ones that harmoniously co-exist – a more positive and refreshing way to manage modern life.

So how does one achieve a work-life blend?

Achieving a Work-Life Blend Through a Career Change

Your current career may be ingrained in ‘old’ culture, promoting the idea that working long hours is the key to success. There are plenty of studies that have debunked that notion and maintain that it can be more harmful than beneficial.

However, many companies realize that employees are no longer capable of giving total dedication to their careers. As they say – life happens. Families, friends, personal matters, and more require attention.

More employers are offering more flexibility to achieve a work-life blend – which ultimately benefits these businesses through their employees’ overall effectiveness.

Have you found yourself unable to gear towards a work-life blend due to your working environment? It might be time to consider a career change.

A work-life blend is essential for a healthy future, so you’ll need to consider a few things in your next career step.

5 Things To Consider About Work-Life Blending When Making a Career Change

There is no set way to achieve a work-life blend. The most positive aspect of the concept is you can figure out what works best for you. You’ll find a harmonized intersection between your personal and professional life, achieving your ambitions in both.

With that in mind, here are 5 things to consider to find a work-life-blend.

1. Are you able to step away from your working life to address personal matters?

Being able to communicate with your superiors and colleagues is essential to achieving a work-life blend. Some days you will need to work extra, but there will be days where you need to step away for personal reasons. Consider whether your employer has any guidelines about managing time. Make sure your dedication is rewarded with some you-time.

2. Am I able to focus on the most important aspects of my life?

There is a traditional stigma attached to employment that declares every ounce of your energy should be about work. Most of us don’t work because we want to leave a legacy at the company – we have more significant interests outside of work. Many of our ambitions involve activities – such as spending time with friends and family, favorite hobbies and other interests. Does your career change offer the flexibility that you can manage both your interests and profession effectively?

3. Does the new job opportunity promote your best strengths?

We perform better in our job roles when we are leveraging our personal strengths. It makes achieving a work-life blend easier. Any working tasks that you can complete without issues give much more space to your personal life. You will need to be available for assigned projects in a moment’s notice – because you have the confidence to do your job well.

4. Can I organize my personal life like my professional life?

In many careers, it’s imperative to be organized to complete your tasks successfully. The stress of chaos can be as prominent in your personal life as it can be at your job. A work-life blend offers the crossing point between your job and home – but both need to be organized to achieve that harmony. Ask yourself how your career change will give better structure to your life.

5. Is there a clear and concise path to achieve a work-life blend?

The most significant thing to consider in your career change is a clear path to achieving your work-life blend. Naturally, there will be obstacles and challenges in your new job. However, can they be overcome so that they don’t hinder your personal and professional ambitions? Think of the road ahead and how realistic it is to get to an ideal work-life blend.  Spend some time reflecting and writing your career/life vision to create your path to follow.  If you are having trouble creating a vision, read my article on “Why is Vision Important for Your Career Path?”

It’s Important to Get on the Path Towards a Work-Life Blend for a Better Future

You deserve a better lifestyle – one that minimizes stress and gives you more options to thrive. Finding a work-life blend is the solution to committing the time that you need to both your personal and professional life. It’s time to forget the idea of balance and instead work towards the blend concept when considering a career change.