Reach out and connect with someone. Take a minute out of your day to give some gratitude and check in with friends, family, or colleagues. Check out my short video.


3 Reasons to Practice Gratitude in Your Career When you have had a hard day at work or have not received a promotion, it can be hard to feel grateful. However, gratitude is essential to having a happy and healthy life and career. But what you are gaining from each work experience is more than […]


We are all fatigued and wondering when things are going to change. It is important to do the little things and keep on the end goal of ending the pandemic and moving forward in your life.  Check out my short video.


Unplug and Recharge – 5 Easy Ways and more Are you feeling sluggish….run down…just going through the motions? You need: Less time looking at your laptop More time reflecting and enjoying some silence Fewer minutes immersed in stress More minutes immersed in nature Less social media and news media exposure More time for gratitude If […]


How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Well, maybe you shift your thinking to one thing…check out my latest video to learn more…