Leaders are Struggling

Leaders are Struggling With No One to Turn to

Many leaders are expected to be superheroes who can do everything and devote their entire day and night to their organization. They are the ones who are there to lead and provide that beacon of light for others to follow. The reality is that these leaders are only humans who sometimes have no one they can turn to with a problem. They are not allowed to have emotions, loneliness, and mental health problems. It is a difficult position because many of them feel no one will understand, or they feel their perceived weakness will cause them to lose the confidence of their employees or, worse, lose their jobs for being seen as weak! Here are three areas I have heard leaders talk about and what they can do to help themselves.

Isolation and Loneliness
Many leaders are finding themselves alone in the current situation. There is no team of people right outside their door to help with problems. Especially since many companies have gone virtual, there is truly no one there to connect with. Many leaders like to make personal connections and walk and talk to people right down the hall, but now many of the leaders feel that sense of loneliness and isolation. According to RHR International, 61% of leaders think loneliness hinders their performance. It is essential to know that you are not alone. Try to connect with a few confidents to talk about your loneliness, isolation and other problems.

Leaders are supposed to know all the answers and to exude confidence all the time. At least, that is what you hear and have been told. With the current pandemic and level of uncertainty of work every day, it is no wonder that leaders are feeling more and more self-doubt for situations that no one has experienced before. Doubt is not a sign of weakness. Thinking you are a fraud or not capable is normal. But self-doubt can be your launching pad for success. When you let doubt creep in, use it to motivate yourself to learn about the cause of your doubts and to think creatively. Another way is to deal with self-doubt is to work with a coach. This outside person can look at your outside problems objectively and will give you feedback on your performance.
Everything must get Done
Most of us have a lot more than we should have to deal with every day. This daily stress is especially amplified for leaders. They have many people relying on their decisions and tasks to ensure that everything is going well and on a timely basis. It is a big worry. Each day brings new concerns and decisions, which is hard when there is no manual for solutions. The only way to achieve everything you need is to do it with excellence and gather a team of people around you to whom you can confidently delegate jobs and tasks so that things are done the right way – efficiently, effectively, and timely.

Here are two things leaders can do to enable them to deal with their struggles.
Work with a leadership coach
This will prompt the leader to better understand themselves and the ways operate within their organization. The leadership coach listens to the efforts and problems of the leader and provides insight and feedback by asking powerful questions. This type of interaction is one a leader does not get at work and allows them to grow and make better connections in the company.

Form a Master Group
Another way to help a leader with their struggles is to join a mastermind group of leaders. In the mastermind group, leaders have valuable peers who challenge and hold one another accountable. Leaders can share their goals, problems, and loneliness in the group and see that others are experiencing similar issues while being heard, giving advice, and supporting one another.
Both options can help leaders survive their struggles and thrive to reach the next level of success in their careers and life.

Reach to me if you would like to learn more about coaching or starting a mastermind group.