How do you feel about leaving your job? Part two

In my first article, I reviewed the following three questions: Did you want to leave your position before the pandemic setting? Is it possible to stay in the company? and what is your vision? In this article, I will answer more questions: Who can you turn to for assistance? What is your exit strategy? How will you survive at your current job? What companies are a good fit?

Who can you turn to for assistance?

This is where your network is vital. Within your network, you will find friends, colleagues, former colleagues, and other industry-based connections. It is essential to let your network know that you are searching for new opportunities and that you want to keep this confidential. You never know what connections your network may have in a potential industry or company. Do some field research and reach out to potential contacts in the industry or companies you are looking for.

In addition to your network, you can reach out to recruiters and let them know that you are searching for a new position and that it needs to be confidential.

What is your exit strategy?

It will take time to get hired into a new company and role. With everyone quitting their positions in record numbers, you will face a lot of competition. It is crucial to have a plan in place for finding your next job. You should set up a calendar with tasks and deadlines for each one. Make sure to write these tasks down and review them each week to make sure you are following your plan.

Use your network to help complete your task, as it will probably be professionals and connections who can help you in the process. The more you can write in your calendar and plan, the more confident you will feel about obtaining a new job. The best advice is to be in consistent action.

How will you survive your current position?

As you are thinking about leaving your current position, you need to decide how you want to leave. Think about how you want to interact with unpleasant managers or annoying coworkers so you can avoid conflict and continue to be a productive and contributing member of the company. You want to make sure that you leave on good terms and not let someone else dictate how your exit goes. Just remember that you have a limited time left in your current position and that there is light at the end of the tunnel as you follow your exit strategy for pursuing a new job. You can handle difficult situations for just a little longer and leave on a good note.

What companies are a good fit?

Think about what you like in your current company and what you do not like. Finding a culture and environment that works well for you may be a little daunting. Although no search engine will allow you to search companies by culture and environment, reading anonymous employee reviews on Glassdoor will give you some insight.

The best way to find companies that fit you is to find employees who are currently working at targeted companies through LinkedIn profiles. Review their backgrounds and skillsets and compare them to who you are to see if it looks like a good fit. Doing some field research by talking with professionals at the company is an excellent way to discover the culture and environment.

Thinking about leaving a current job can be overwhelming. Take time to review these questions and reflect on your answers to plan and know why you want to leave and where you want to go. This will make the process a little smoother and allow you to be more in control.

Good luck with your next adventure.