Wellness Leadership: Nurturing Success from Within

Greetings, leaders, CEOs, and business owners! In the relentless world of executive leadership, achieving success isn’t solely about making strategic decisions; it’s about cultivating a culture of wellness that resonates within your leadership style and echoes through your team. As your dedicated executive coach and Vistage chair, I extend an invitation to explore “Wellness Leadership: […]

Positive Powerful Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Life can be tough. You might feel like you’re not good enough, that you’ll never achieve your goals, or that you’re just not cut out for success. But what if I told you that there is a way to change all that? By simply reading and repeating certain affirmations, you could program your mind for […]

Simple ways to be mindful

Simple ways to Practice Mindfulness in Your Daily Life You don’t need to meditate for hours or go on a silent retreat to reap the benefits of mindfulness. There are many simple ways that you can integrate mindfulness into your daily life such as paying attention to your breath when you’re stuck in traffic to […]

Lottery Winner

It was my lucky day! I finally won…I couldn’t believe it! The heavens were smiling on me…Listen to hear about my lucky day! https://youtu.be/MapidOmZZjI

Toxic Boss

In my recent articles and videos, I have discussed the impact of a supervisor on your career and happiness.  Many of you have asked me to share my experiences of working for a toxic manager. Approximately ten years ago, I was working in an organization where I loved my job, with over an hour commute […]

How Do I Network

So who do you network with within your personal and professional life? Are you actively engaged with them? Have you reviewed your list of contacts to see if they are relevant in your life…Watch to learn some tips and insights to help you network… https://youtu.be/siPDMfWE_ss

How Can You Shape Your Future Self

Many people believe that their personalities are set when they are younger and cannot be changed. Research suggests that personalities are flexible. People looking to change can do that if they put their effort and focus on it. One way to change your personality is to set up a goal of what you would like […]