Benefits of Working with a Coach

Hello and welcome to my LinkedIn newsletter! This week’s edition of the newsletter is centered on ways coaching can benefit you. Many times we are struggling with no one to turn to, a coach can be the person to listen and provide perspective to help you elevate your career and life.

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Coaching is an opportunity to work with a professional coach to address many areas, including career management, leadership, business, life, and health. An effective coach allows the client to set the agenda. The coach listens effectively and asks powerful questions to elicit information from the client to discover solutions and to suggest appropriate strategies. The goal of coaching is to help the client develop, grow, prosper, and become more confident and effective in dealing with life’s challenges and to experience more satisfaction and fulfillment. Here are some coaching benefits:


Coaching engages the client with one-to-one feedback and support.  A coach listens and asks powerful questions to engage the client on a deep level to help them to discover answers within themself.  It is the coach’s job to be a mirror for the client to see themself and learn who they are and how they are functioning in life.  With this dynamic engagement, typically the client’s satisfaction with life and work improves dramatically.

Deeper Level of Learning

Not only is coaching solely about improving an individual’s skills at work. It is also valuable in all other aspects of life and relationships. Coaching takes learning to a deeper level.  A client can know more about themself, discover how others observe them and improve parts of their life with which they are not satisfied. The client can take the skills practiced with their coach and utilize them in new circumstances within a safe learning space.  Using these new skills in different situations allows the client to practice and hone their skills effectively.

Better Mental Health

BetterUp Labs reports that its members who receive coaching improve their overall well-being significantly within the first three months of coaching. There were also increases in satisfaction of purpose and meaning, life satisfaction, and resilience within this study. Working with a coach allows a client to work on all aspects of their life and apply skills in different areas to increase total satisfaction.  Coaching engages the client to grow and adapt from their challenging experiences, thereby improving their satisfaction, well-being, and success in life.

Work-Life Blending

A client learns about themself and their priorities in life and work through coaching.  As they learn and set goals, they can make better decisions about having a healthier and well-balanced work-life blend.  With this improved work-life combination, a client tends to gain more life and career satisfaction through improved self-care, awareness of who they are, and a more significant relationship with their life goals.

It is not a quick fix to life and career. Rather, it is a powerful opportunity to see oneself create the life and work they want and deserve. Coaching can help one personally and professionally by assisting them in setting goals, looking at themself and finding the answers, and deciding a direction in which they want to go. Coaching has become the norm for anyone looking to advance their success significantly. Coaches are professionally trained to help an individual find the answer by effectively listening and asking powerful questions to provide insight, learning, and to grow personally and professionally.

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