5 Ways I Help Clients with Motivation

In my two decades as a coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of high performers struggling with motivation. My clients succeed in their careers then suddenly lose their drive. Some face internal resistance to the next step up the ladder. Others no longer feel engaged by goals that once energized them. Many don’t realize they’ve outgrown their role.

Lacking motivation is frustrating for ambitious professionals accustomed to delivering results. My job is to help clients rediscover their passion and regain momentum. Here are 5 ways I guide clients to reignite their inner drive:

1. Dig into their purpose

Purpose fuels motivation. When clients have lost their spark, we explore their core purpose. What impact do they want to make in the world? What drew them to this work initially? Connecting with their purpose for leading reignites passion and drive. We reframe challenges through the lens of purpose so they stay focused on why their work matters.

2. Challenge limiting beliefs

Sometimes a lack of motivation stems from self-limiting beliefs. “I’ll never get promoted.” “I don’t have what it takes.” I help clients confront these false narratives. We identify evidence contradicting their limiting beliefs and find empowering perspectives to replace them. This builds confidence to pursue goals with enthusiasm.

3. Establish mini milestones

Big, audacious goals can seem overwhelming, sapping motivation. I work with clients to break their goals into bite-sized milestones that create momentum. Each milestone accomplished gives a boost of energy to keep charging ahead. We celebrate small wins, which sustain motivation over the long haul.

4. Visualize the benefits

Envisioning the end benefits of their goals reignites my clients’ drive. We visualize in vivid detail what achieving this promotion, raise, or award will look and feel like for them. This gives the goal emotional power and helps overcome resistance. Looking squarely at the payoff recharges their motivation batteries.

5. Find support partners

Pursuing big goals alone is draining. I guide clients to find support partners who believe in them and their vision. This could be a mentor, peer coach, or mastermind group. Having cheerleaders sharing the journey makes it feel more achievable. It’s easier to power through roadblocks with a team lifting you up.

Reigniting motivation requires fuel – purpose, empowering beliefs, mini-milestones, future visualizations, and shared support. I love watching clients rediscover their inner drive using these strategies. They emerge energized with renewed excitement for goals they’ve lost hope for. Nothing beats hearing a client say, “I’ve got my mojo back!” That’s why I find coaching so rewarding.