5 Ways I Help Clients With Focus

Staying focused is a constant challenge for the driven professionals I coach. Emails, meetings, texts, and disruptions put focus in short supply. When clients struggle to concentrate or regularly procrastinate, productivity and results suffer. 

Regaining focus requires retraining both mind and workflow habits. Over 10 years of coaching, I’ve refined a research-backed approach to help clients achieve laser-like focus. Here are 5 ways I work with clients to significantly sharpen their focus:

1. Identify focus blocks

Prioritization is key. I have clients map their typical workday and flag the 1-2 hours where their highest-value work happens. We protect these “focus blocks” by rescheduling meetings, blocking calendars, and silencing phones. For many, mornings are optimal focus time. We create routines to maximize quality time on priority projects first thing.

2. Remove physical distractions

A distracting workspace sabotages focus, so we eliminate physical distractions. Decluttering and noise-canceling headphones are game changers. I even have clients facing walls to remove visual distractions. Creating an environment optimized for deep work trains the mind to focus.

3. Single task strategically

Multitasking destroys focus, so I teach clients to do a single task strategically. We group similar tasks like emails to batch process with full concentration. For creative work, we close all apps and avoid task switching. They structure workflows to accomplish tasks sequentially without distraction.

4. Take regular breaks

I encourage clients to take 5-minute “focus breaks” every 45-60 minutes. During breaks, they walk outside or do deep breathing. This allows the mind to recharge to dive back into work refreshed. Without these mental breaks, focus wanes. 

5. Meditate briefly 

Brief meditation before focus blocks trains the mind. I lead clients through 5-minute breathing exercises to remove mental clutter before tackling essential projects. Meditating for focus helps eliminate distractions and improves concentration. It’s a simple but extremely effective habit.

With these evidence-based techniques, my clients build their mental “focus muscles.” They become less susceptible to distractions, more present, and can concentrate for extended periods. The transformation in their productivity and output is truly amazing. Focus training requires commitment but pays off tenfold with game-changing results.