Reinvent Yourself to your true Calling

Yes, You Can Reinvent Yourself During A Pandemic: Here Is How To Connect To Your True Calling Many people have one thing in common almost a year and a half into the pandemic. They are uncertain about their career and have started reinventing themselves for an alternative career. If you are considering doing this as well, I […]

Dealing with COVID and its Lessons

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Following all the safety protocols and wearing a mask yet COVID found its way in. Sometimes a virus can be a blessing to get you to stop and think and help you slow down and focus on what is important…check out my latest article to learn more…

What COVID Taught me

No matter what you do and how much you put yourself in a bubble, you are never 100% safe from the invisible virus. I had been doing everything I thought was correct, but in the end, it slipped in and got me. There were no warning signs to let me know what was happening. The […]


After a year in a pandemic, what reflections have you done about where you are in life and your career? Now is a great time to reinvent who you are and what you do… Check out my short video below…

5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself to Achieve Your Dream Life

Do you remember being a teenager, a young soul searching for its path, following your passion, and deciding what it is that you wanted to do with yourself? I am sure many of you thought long and hard about the “road” and goals that would make you happy.  Now you realize that maybe you should […]

What Do You Do at a Red Light?

What do you do at a red light? How are you feeling? Negative and Anxious or Positive and Calm…Listen and see what you can do to shift your energy.

One red light can change your life

Like most Americans, pulling up to a light that is just turning red is horrible. It seems like your life goes on hold forever as you constantly tap your fingers and keep looking up, hoping for the other light to change so that you can get moving. Why are we so impatient? Why do we […]

Are you Tigger or Pooh in your Life?

Are you more like Tigger in how you go about life?  Carefree and a risk-taker – jump right in or are you more like pooh?   Friendly and sweet who bumbles into things without noticing?