5 Keys to Career Success By Changing Your Focus

5 Keys to Career Success by Changing Your Focus Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a difficult year. Thank goodness it’s almost over. Besides the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or are not happy in their current jobs. This is difficult in the best of times, but to a greater degree in […]

Networking During a Pandemic

5 Ways to Network During a Pandemic 2020 certainly has been a hard year because of the pandemic and it is going to be around for a good part of 2021. For those who are looking for new careers or wanting to move up, here are a few networking strategies when you are stuck at […]

How to Do Action Planning

Do you know how to move forward to find and put together an action plan?  What is the one big thing you can set as a priority to get it done!  Listen for more tips to help you… https://youtu.be/VNYgH9va9LQ

How do you create yourself outside of your career?

According to Gallup’s Annual Work and Education Survey, 70% of Americans with a college education identify themselves with their job. Interestingly, women are a little more likely to get a sense of their identity from their jobs than men do.  It is important to ask the question “How do I separate my identity from my job?” […]


Are you lost and not sure what to do. Some times we need a little help in setting our direction. Take some time in your life to check your headings of where you are going.  Check out my short video to learn more… https://youtu.be/YTUcHWA5P84