Worry and Stress

Dealing with Worry, Stress, Anxiety, and Fear are important as we deal with our life and career. Listen to a short video on what you can do to deal with these… https://youtu.be/c8UZxcWmPEU I mention my Gratitude exercise that you can get here: https://lnkd.in/exs23W6

Come Together and Help Each Other Out

Please take a moment and watch this video…focus on others and help our country come together.   A few minutes will change your perspective. https://youtu.be/mcbSwxCoaWII gratefull for all of those providing random acts of kindness and reaching out to their neighbors, friends and colleagues.  Together We Are Strong!

7 Days

Sometimes 7 Days seems like a lifetime ago…this was case this past week…listen for yourself… https://youtu.be/ElmHAxUQhCc Take time each day to take care of yourself.  15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon.   This is so important.

Gratitude is my Attitude Activity

Sometimes we need to ground ourselves with what we have in our lives.  Take a moment to be grateful for who and what you have.  Download my free Activity here:  Attitude is my Gratitude Exercise I am grateful to have you in my life and following my articles and posts. Take care of yourself and […]

Basketball Strategy and Career Pursuits

Are you the type of team that likes to sit back and hope the other team takes action?  Or are you the aggressive team that forces that action? https://youtu.be/gXrqouARFD0 The choice is yours, but your career will not come finding you unless you are out there in action.

Stuck at the Register…

You are at the check out line.  You finally meet up with the cashier.  It should be a simple transaction, but then they get stuck.   A simple decision is all that needs to be made, but the computer is telling them something that does not make sense.   What happens…. https://youtu.be/3V_zxJ6CVfk Sometimes you have to make […]