You’ve created a vision board – what next?

Creating a vision board is only the first step. Now you have to make the most out of it. But how?

Once you’ve assembled your vision board, selected images, quotes and other material to help you focus on your goal, you’re going to have to place it somewhere. This is the next logical step in the process. But where depends on what you’re using your vision board for. 

If you are using it to keep focused on your career, to win a promotion or to get a job with a certain company, put it up where you spend time just before or after work. A home office is a good place to start if you are working remote. Otherwise, you might want to put it up on the wall beside your front door or in your garage. This can help you concentrate and think about all you want to achieve as you commute to work. It keeps you focused.

If your goals are more oriented towards your personal life – to move abroad or to a new city or to further your skill at a passion or hobby – your office or family room where you pursue your pastime would be the best place for your vision board. The important thing is to keep it visible, in some place you frequent and where you can focus on it for a while.

A vision board requires your ongoing focus. Even if you’ve constructed the perfect vision board and placed it prominently, it will do no good unless you use it properly. 

You can use a vision board to draw inspiration, retain focus or summon motivation and discipline. Each requires you to reflect and meditate on the images and things you have put up on your board. Spend a few minutes seriously looking at what you put up and contemplating why you did. This will aid in visualizing your goals and seeing them in your mind’s eye as achieved. This will help you accomplish them. It helps you to vocalize your goals and to determine why you want to reach them. 

Another benefit of your vision board is that it helps you talk about your objectives with friends and family, creating a sort of social pressure to keep pursuing them. You don’t have to share your vision board with others, but that can help. These are important people in your life who will want to help you succeed. That can create a positive feedback loop. The more you focus on your goals, the easier it is to talk about them.   

By placing your vision board in a prominent place, reflecting and meditating on it daily and sharing it with those close to you, you will get the most out of it. 

A vision board helps you prepare for success. Use it wisely and it will help you enormously.