How Can You Shape Your Future Self

Many people believe that their personalities are set when they are younger and cannot be changed. Research suggests that personalities are flexible. People looking to change can do that if they put their effort and focus on it.

One way to change your personality is to set up a goal of what you would like your future self to be. This way, you can start to build the steps and actions necessary to start acting like the person you want to become. For example, you may want to become more outgoing and build your network. For this goal, you can set up a certain number of connections you want to obtain for each week and then break that number down for each day to reach your goal.   This makes it more manageable and will allow you to achieve success in small steps.

You will become what you put your focus and energy on. Suppose your focus is on video games or watching TV – that is what you will do.  You will spend more time and energy on those activities.  On the other hand, if your energy and focus are on growing as a person and improving yourself your energies and attention will focus on those on those aspects that will allow you to become that person.  Your energy and attention matter and will help you achieve the personality you want to become.

Another way to change your personality is by altering who you associate with.  Many people believe that you are the sum of the five people with whom you are mostly closely connected.  So, who are the five people in your circle? They could be friends and colleagues; it could be a professional you follow or a leader that you want to emulate.  These five people influence you to grow into the person you want to be.

Lastly, I would recommend keeping a journal so you can track your progress in reaching your goal. You can write down insights into how things are going and brainstorm ways to achieve your desired success.

Personality is a flexible part of us. As you experience new situations and new friendships and as you age, your personality will ebb and flow unless you provide direction on just who you want to become.

Take a moment today and journal about the person you are now.  Is that working for you?  Write about who you want to become and what steps you must take to become that person.

If you are imagining your future self, tracking your progress, learning, and taking risks, your personality is changing already.