What is Your Identity All About?

Do you know who you truly are? You go through life as a robot living and breathing your career, but never think about the real you. The person outside of work. Stop saying you are your career and begin to focus on the other aspects of your life… https://youtu.be/pG153A_DHPc

Developing your identity outside of your career

You’ve spent years developing your identity within your career. But what happens when you want to leave that career behind? How do you develop a new one outside of your job? In this article, we’ll explore how to develop your individuality outside of your career. What is Identity? Identity is who you are as an […]

Self Care: What It Is and Why You Should Start Doing It

Life is a blur, and we never take time to care for ourselves. Yes, that is right, me and you; we need time to recharge and take care of ourselves, or we might burn out or not be able to be there for our family, friends, or loved ones. https://youtu.be/1gsijATBllo

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Self-Care Practice During Your Workday

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time and energy to do so. If you’re struggling to integrate self-care into your daily routine, this article is for you! ┬áScheduling regular breaks is essential for self-care and I will share 5 ways […]

How do you live your best life

You have one life and you should be happy and enjoy it each day. Yes, we have bad days, but you need to reflect and think about what you want to do. Step out of your comfort zone and begin to your vision into action… check out my latest video https://youtu.be/fnpxD0p6JiI

Living Your Best Life

Everyone has different ideas of what living their best life would look like. For some, it might mean having a successful career and a comfortable home. For others, it might mean being able to travel the world and experience new cultures. No matter what your definition of your best life is, there are certain things […]