Spark meaningful conversations about what’s next

Spend some time talking about what really matters! Enjoy deeper conversations with your friend’s colleagues and family. Generate specific possibilities for your future and receive feedback to help you take inspired action. Be guided, like the North Star, by the personalized statement you create.

Perfect for workshops, career centres, classrooms, work events, talent development and retreats.

Who You Are Matters! is more than just a game.

It helps players answer important questions about their career and life. “What’s next for me? What’s most important to me now? What possibilities would I enjoy?”

Using the power of storytelling and story listening Who You Are Matters! sparks meaningful and structured conversations that build a deeper understanding among players.

Who You Are Matters! is highly flexible for different applications with the full game taking between 60-120 minutes. It can be played with 3-5 friends and family at a single table, or with large groups at multi-table facilitated gameplays, off-sites, team building events, courses or learning programs.

Who You Are Matters!

has been successfully used in

College & University

Help students transition to the world of work. Offer Who You Are Matters! Workshops to students or build it into the curriculum

Career Centers

Host fun, unique and effective workshops, scale up career management and increase client/student follow up


Who You Are Matters! workshops facilitate team building, increase retention and support career development

High School

Get students inspired about their careers! Perfect for career courses, assemblies and guidance counsellors

Private Career Coaches & Counselor

Offer fun, engaging & effective workshops to individuals and organizations. Attract new clients with community Who You Are Matters! events.

Family, Friends and Co-workers

Host a game night to remember! Build meaningful connections and talk about what really matters for a change