Mark Danaher – Speaker, Career, Life & Leadership Coach

28 Years of Career Coaching Experience Helping People Like You Get The Most From Your
Career and TAKE your Life Back!

Aren’t you sick of the
“Monday Morning Blues”?

You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and you feel like you “have” to go to work. You drag yourself out of bed, chug down a cup of coffee and drag yourself into a place you know you don’t want to be.

You live for the weekends, are ready to bolt out the door as soon as your shift is over and feel much better when you are not at work.

You’ve done everything right, you went to school, you got a “good” job, you make good money, you have a “nice” life and you are successful……yet you do not feel happy, fulfilled and like you are living your PURPOSE.

Before you read on any further, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a business idea that you’d absolutely love to make a reality?
  • Is there are job or career you’ve always wanted, yet are unsure of how to pursue?
  • Are you living the life you really want to live?
  • Are you waking up every single day excited about what you get to do?

Living your purpose and creating the impact you want to make on the world is what brings meaning, joy and excitement to your life. No matter how well you’re doing financially and no matter how impressive your resume may be, if you are not living your purpose then something will always be missing.

This feeling of something missing will never go away until you empower yourself to find the career path, the business you want to start and the dream you want to live, and take ACTION towards making it a reality.

My clients find and live their dreams. I have worked with:



Your networks

Health Care Providers

Hospitality Professionals



Professionals Bankers

They want to grow in their careers and scale their businesses, but they are:

If you are not feeling like you are currently happy in your current profession and are asking yourself the following questions:

Could there be something more exciting?

Is there a way out of this current feeling and situation?

Are there other jobs and work that are more fulfilling? More satisfying? More rewarding?

Could I use my talents, my skills, and my experience in a more productive way?

Could I thrive and succeed in doing something else?

Then you and I should talk ASAP.

As an educator, mentor, career and life coach, I have been helping people like you find their dream jobs or start their own businesses for over two decades. I have worked with everyone from fresh graduates to seasoned corporate executives. I help my clients define and develop their careers by using a holistic approach that is customized to each individual. I focus on you as a whole person, the quality of life you are living and the impact you want to make in life. My coaching program will give you the tools, knowledge, confidence and accountability system you need to make your goals and dreams a reality.

To get you started, I created a simple and easy to read EBook with valuable and practical tips you can use to start your journey towards a career change. You can follow these simple steps first thing in the morning or during your lunch hour. Once you start to make these simple activities as habits, you’ll be moving forward in the right direction.